- Telegram Bot

Telegram bot can check you servers. You can check any servers on this site or only your site. Alson if somebody add comment to you server, you receive message (Not readey).

How to work with the bot?

If you want check your servers status or receive message about new comments, you need register you telegram account in bot.

  • Login to you account
  • In profile page you can found Telegram Token. Copy tihs token.
  • Connect to bot and send command /register YOU_TOKEN. If you receive message ✅ Token updated bot register you account and you can check you servers.
  • Send command /status to bot will show the status of all your servers.
  • if somebody add comment to you server, you receive message (Not readey)

If you don't want register, you can ask bot server status by server ID. Send command /server SERVER_ID. Server ID you can found in URL link to server. Example: where server ID 30.

If you have questions about Rust-Servers.Info (RSI), ideas about cooperation, or any advertising proposals, feel free to contact me via:

Please note!

Do not contact me with any questions about servers listed in monitoring, i'm not server admin.

Contact me only if u have questions, cooperation ideas, advertising proposals for this site.