Zurk.UK Mods Noob Friendly - API

API for Zurk.UK Mods Noob Friendly

We provide API wich accepts requests in GET string and returns data in JSON arrays. Example request:

GET https://api.rust.servers-info/‹METHOD›/287

Available methods:

  • Status
  • Info
  • Votes
  • Last25Votes
  • Graph
  • Update

Example output for Status method:


GET https://api.rust-servers.info/status/287


	"name": "Server Name",
	"status": "Online",
	"last_seen": "1484415901",
	"players": "167",
	"players_max": "200",
	"fps": "75",
	"uptime": "2 days, 3 hrs"

Read full description of all availiable methods and output examples at this page.