Full Server Details

Server IP-Address
Hostname 420 USA/Weekly/5x/TP/Kits/Solo-Duo-Trio/Wipes 08-19
Location France
Wipe Cycle Weekly
Map Procedural
Last Wipe Approx. No date provided (0)
Server Tags mp100,cp0,ptrak,qp0,v2311,h31f8dbe2,stok,born1628192011,gmrust,oxide,modded
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Players (Current / Slots / Average) 0 / 100 / 0
Peak Players (All Time) (No date provided)
Bots 0
Server Seed No Data!
Map Size No Data!
Entities No Data!
Version 2311
OS Linux
Memory Usage 1,954,930 Mb
FPS / FPS Avg. No Data! /
About Server
Welcome to 420 USA high performance server with Rust+!

Server Discord W/ Full Mod List: https ://

Our Bi-Weekly 5x server with unlimited stack size limit wipes twice a month.
Wipes are every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.
Wipes happen 2pm CST. Next wi pe is 08-19-2021.

Map Configurations:
No BPs
5x Resources
Map Size: 3,600
PVP Free For All
100 Player Capacity
3 player group limit
Unlimited Stack Size
100% Vanilla Decay Rate
Active None Playing Admins
Helicopter and RHIB spawns on
Laun ch Site, Military Tunnels, Airfield and so on

Mod List: (Must check full mod list)
Bette r Loot
Instant Craft
Quick Smelt 3x
Gather Manager
Simple Kill Feed
Auto En gine Parts
Minicopter Seating
Blue Print Manager
Building Workbench
Stack Size C ontroller
Disable Cold Damage
Clans: Type /clanhelp
Kit: Type /kit to redeem
Pla yer List: Type /online and /who
Extended Recycler: Type /recycler.craft
Always Day: Type /

Plugin NameDescription
Instant CraftItems crafting time is reduced, or instant
Auto DoorsDoors is closing automaticly behind the player
RemoveAllow to remove buildings and deployables
TeleportAllow players to set points and teleport between them
ClansAdd clans functionality