EU Rustorante SOLODUO FULL WIPE 15.05 1900 CEST

Full Server Details

Server IP-Address
Hostname HOLY Solo/Duo/Trio x2 - FULLWIPE 16.04 - Noobfriendly
Location Germany
Wipe Cycle Weekly
Map Procedural
Last Wipe Approx. 4 weeks ago ()
Server Tags mp150,cp4,ptrak,qp0,v2293,hd97c7242,stok,born1618599045,gmrust,oxide,modded
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Players (Current / Slots / Average) 4 / 150 / 2
Peak Players (All Time) 42 (4 weeks ago)
Bots 0
Server Seed No Data!
Map Size No Data!
Entities No Data!
Version 2293
OS Windows
Memory Usage 1,953,365 Mb
FPS / FPS Avg. No Data! /
About Server
HOLY Rust Server (ENG/GER)
FULL WIPE 16.04 20:30 MEZ
Loot x2
BiWeekl y (every 2nd friday)
Next Wipe: 07.05 - 20:00 MEZ

Server Rules in german or english are also on our discord, where we assist you with any issues you face on the server:

Welcome to the HOLY Rust Server
We offer:
- Active and helpful Admins
- Short Nights
- low upkeep
- better loot
- quick smelt
- increased stacksize


You are allowed to have a maximum of 2000 hours played (if you set your profile to private you might need to switch it to public for a check)

#1 No racism no hate speech
#2 No griefing, which means:
-> you are not all owed to take over an enemy base, a new TC must be placed if destroyed
-> doorcamping is allowed for a maximum of 15 minutes.
#3 No cheating, no use of 3rd party programs
#4 Only english and german in chat
#5 Teamsize max. 3 players - Sleepers are allowed
#6 Counterraids are NOT allowed - There is a maximum of 3 players allowed to raid or defend a base (no matter which team the players belong to)

#7 be friendly and help new players :slight_smile:


Server EU Rustorante SOLODUO FULL WIPE 15.05 1900 CEST is running in Vannila (no plugins) mode, or list of installed plugins were not specified.

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