Kong Island 2X SoloDuoTrio

Full Server Details

Server IP-Address
Hostname [EU]Kong Island 10x | Solo/Duo/Trio | FULL WIPE 02/03
Location Germany
Wipe Cycle Weekly
Map Procedural
Last Wipe Approx. No date provided (0)
Server Tags mp200,cp0,ptrak,qp0,v2219,h3562d9a0,stok,born1585919582,gmrust,oxide,modded
Added by Reggeatuna

Players (Current / Slots / Average) 0 / 200 / 0
Peak Players (All Time) (No date provided)
Bots 0
Server Seed No Data!
Map Size No Data!
Entities 42,877
Version 2219
OS Linux
Memory Usage 1,955,354 Mb
FPS / FPS Avg. 233 / 231.85
About Server

Welcome to Kong Island 2x Solo/Duo/Trio Server
Weekly map wipes friday at 3 pm CET or when Lowpop more than 24h
Blueprints are wiped every second week.

Features: /KIT 50% Upkeep, Farming 2 x, Quick smelt 2x, Loot 2x, stacksize 2x, a lot of Level 1 bps unlocked, Faster crafting, Furnacespl itter, shorter nights, no pay2win system

If you need more information
join our discord: htt ps://www.kongisland.de

Our Trio Server Rules :
- only english in chat
- Max 3 players li ving in a base.
- Max 3 players authorized on TC, codelocks and turrets.
- Max 3 players roami ng/raiding together.
- No roaming/raiding with players not authorized on your TC.
- No allianc es/teaming.
- No slaves.
- Do not allow people outside of your trio into your base/compound. n - Trading with another team should only be done through shopfronts or a vending machine.


Server Kong Island 2X SoloDuoTrio is running in Vannila (no plugins) mode, or list of installed plugins were not specified.

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