KUKASERVERS NoobFriendly 2x

Full Server Details

Server IP-Address
Server Domain gsm4.kukaservers.com:28015
Hostname KUKASERVERS: NoobFriendly 2x | Wiped 1/20 | Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad
Location United States
Wipe Cycle Weekly
Map Procedural
Last Wipe Approx. 4 weeks ago ()
Server Tags mp175,cp42,qp0,v2211,hc114e863,stok,born1579482087,gmrust,oxide

Players (Current / Slots / Average) 45 / 125 / 70
Peak Players (All Time) 241 (4 weeks ago)
Bots 0
Server Seed No Data!
Map Size No Data!
Entities No Data!
Version 2211
OS Linux
Memory Usage 8,353,055 Mb
FPS / FPS Avg. No Data! /
About Server

This is a 2x Gather Vanilla+ Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad server for casual NoobFriendly players running a 4k map with active staff! Follow the rules please for a healthy community!!! Discord: https://discord.k ukaservers.com or click [VIEW WEBPAGE]

Scroll down for rules + wipe schedule

1) On ly 4 people allowed on code locks and toolcupboards.
2) Only 4 owners of bags/beds allowed in a ba se/compound (same owners as on the TC).
3) No more then 4 people allowed to group up at any point in the game.
4) Slaves count as group members.
5) English only in global chat.
6) No Slurs or Racism.
7) No excessive toxicity!
8) No griefing bases; including after a raid is over (unless you plan to take it over for yourself as your MAIN base).
9) Respect the staff, listen to what th ey say. If you have an issue with one of them reach out directly to an admin on discord.
10) Do no t troll Cargoship timed crates when you exfil. Same goes for Oilrig.

This server wipes the map we ekly and the BP's every month (unless forced). Please visit our Discord for a complete listing of ru


Server KUKASERVERS NoobFriendly 2x is running in Vannila (no plugins) mode, or list of installed plugins were not specified.