Full Server Details
Server IP-Address (
Full Hostname Schlachtpalast GER|ENG 3x|PvP|AntiOfflineRaid|NoEsc|LowDecay|zL
Location Germany
Votes 1
Players (Current / Slots / Average) 1 / 100 / 2
Peak Players (All Time) 18 (4 weeks ago)
Bots 0
Wipe Cycle Monthly
Map Procedural
Server Seed 1239807992
Map Size 5500
Entities 187,875
Last Wipe Approx. 4 weeks ago (0)
Version 2140
OS Linux
Memory Usage 8,353,055 Mb
FPS / FPS Avg. 39 / 39.
Server Tags mp100,cp1,qp0,v2140,h85347d9c,stok,born1546547650,oxide,modded
Added by plasmac0r

About Server

Willkommen auf Schlachtpalast! Wenn Du Spass mit netten Leuten haben moechtest, dann besuch uns doch mal! Es gibt etwas besseres Loot und die Sammelausbeute ist etwas hoeher. Alles moderat und vanilla -orierientiert. Welcome to Schlachtpalast! Want to have some fun with great people? Feel free to join! You can get a bit better loot and gatherrate is 3x. Overall moderate and vanilla-oriented set tings. Last Wipe: 2019-01-03 Mod List (partial|teilweise): AntiOfflineRaid, NoEscape, PlayerRa nks, Backpacks, Kits, Clans, N-Teleportation, ZLevels, R-Remove, FancyDrop, SharedDoors, QuickSmelt, Fishing, SignArtist, SkipNight, FurnaceSplitter, AutoDoors, NightLantern, StartProtection, WheresMy Corpse, ..


Plugin NameDescription
Quick SmeltFurnace smelting time is reduced, or instant
KitsAllow to create various kits
Auto DoorsDoors is closing automaticly behind the player
FriendsFriends system
Custom RatesAllow to change gather and expirience gain rates
RemoveAllow to remove buildings and deployables
zLevelsAdd custom skills levels functionality
TeleportAllow players to set points and teleport between them
ClansAdd clans functionality

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