Thormen 7 Vanilla Max 5

Full Server Details

Server IP-Address
Hostname Thormen |5| Vanilla Solo Will Fullwipe 04.01 13:00 CET
Location Germany
Wipe Cycle Weekly
Map Procedural
Last Wipe Approx. 4 months ago (0)
Server Tags mp150,cp1,qp0,v2140,h4889510a,stok,born1546544486,oxide
Added by Meesmaalt

Players (Current / Slots / Average) 0 / 250 / 0
Peak Players (All Time) 44 (4 months ago)
Bots 0
Server Seed 2048455179
Map Size 3200
Entities 24,924
Version 2140
OS Linux
Memory Usage 8,353,055 Mb
FPS / FPS Avg. 251 / 250
About Server

《 Wipes every friday @ 13.00 CEST, BP's first friday of month 》 ➤ Zero lag, zero crashes ➤ Server website: ➤ Map size 3200 ➤ Active not playing admin ➤ Important info @ Dis cord: All players are equal. You are not special, meaning no VIP's o r any other pay2win features exists here. However you can always help us by simply donating @ http s:// Rules: #1 Try to respect yourself and everyone around you #2 Trading is only permitted through a vending machine or shop front #3 No base giveaways #4 Chat only english #5 R eports must be sent by writing to staff on discord or using /report


Server Thormen 7 Vanilla Max 5 is running in Vannila (no plugins) mode, or list of installed plugins were not specified.

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