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Links Total Servers Current Players
Rusticaland Rusticaland's servers! 1 7
EU/NA Community Community servers run by GSkin and Akala. 6 0
RustSurvivors Dear Community We are a small "Network" and we┬┤re looking forword to grow up! 2 2
Vanguard Rust We are a group of dedicated people trying to make a community for both new and advanced Rust-players. Mainly focusing on delivering clean layout servers for the players. Currently having 1 server with 200 player limit. Vanguard 2x Vanilla Main. ... 1 0
Rust Rehab 100% Vanilla (No Mods) 4K Map Active Admins who show no favoritism toward any players or groups. Zero Admin Abuse! Monthly Server & Blueprint Wipes Noob Friendly 6 Player group maximum Community Discord New Dedicated Fast Server 200 Player C ... 1 27
Apex Rust Growing server come along 1 0
Norske Vikinger A growing community with the aim to bring something unique to the table. You'll find mostly Scandinavians here, but everyone is welcome. 2 3
Rustafied I started our first server the week experimental server code was released to the public. I wanted a place where people could reliably play this game as it is being developed and see the new shit as soon as it was released. was created t ... 27 866
Facepunch This is an official servers owned and operated by Facepunch. People are free to speak whatever language they like. Don't be surprised if you get banned for being abusive 22 1443