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Snups rust server Wipe Schedule: Map - Weekly on Wednesday BPs - Monthly @ force Rules: -No hacking/scripting -No intentional bug abuse -No EAC/FP banned alts -No ban evading -No racism -No homophobia -No strong hate speech -No chat spamming -No threats of ... 0 0
Perilous PvE Welcome to Perilous PvE, An island where every turn is a challenge. Natives seek revenge on new survivors, and guards protect the important areas of the island. Even the nights make surviving a bit more challenging. The Monuments Are Tier Leveled&nb ... 0 0
Meatball Gamerz x10000000|FUNSERVER|PVP|BATTLEFIELD|KITS|TP|MAX 8 Ξ Ξ Ξ ΞWelcome to Meatball Gamerz |PVP|BATTLEFIELD|SKINS|KITS|TP ServerΞ Ξ Ξ Ξ We are a PVP Server. Please dont be upset/rage if you get raided or die, You suppose to have FUN. Our team contains Active Admins who can be ingame ... 0 0
Nerd Access Servers Modded Rust Server with 10x resource rates, Bi-Weekly Map Wipes, Monthly BP Wipes, with a few Plugins that (In My Opinion) enhance the Rust Experience. 0 0
Retr0.Space Rust X3 Anarchy | Wipes every 2 weeks! Retr0.Space Community proudly introduces: 3x Anarchy Fort night wipes. Features: - Roaming Minicopters / Boats. Let the pirate war commence! 3x on resources such as wood, ores and etc. 2x Stacking on inventory items. Monthly events fo ... 0 0
Aztec Warfare Map: Thursdays | BP: Every other Thursday + Force WipeMax Group Size: 4Noob Friendly without ruining it for veterans2X | Loot+ | Faster Events | Longer day | Shorter Night | $7 VIP | No-P2WFurnace Splitter | Stacksize+ | Claim Vehicle | Lock VehicleB ... 0 0
ANTI-V3N0M Welcome To ANTI-V3N0MPaid plugins list.ALHPA LOOTSkinBoxRaidNoticeDeathMarkerAutoCodeLockClans REBORNDynamicCupShareCompoundTeleport Join our discord serve r | discord.antiv3n0m.comHOSTED BY ANTI-V3N0M | FOUNDER TINY_420#9755 0 0
WATCH YOU BACK THE SERVER IS POWERED BY - WATCH YOUR BACK GAMING COMMUNITY 0 0 Is Searching you! Hello players!We would like to introduce you our professional New Rust server network! Our servers including: -RustOasis Loki 2xVanilla | Solo/Duo/Trio Weekly FullWipe Saturdays at 10:00CEST Time Currently IP: -RustOasis Freya 5xM ... 0 0
dasdasdasdas asdasdasdasd 0 0
Join Dirty Rust Today! The Dirty Patriots host our servers with real time cpu priority for the best experience.  We use custom maps by Lone Design.  You will not be banned unless hacking. Server List: [TDP] The Fridge [TDP] Da Fridge [TDP] Da Freezer   ... 0 0
[RU] Raspy Rust Хороший модифицированный сервер для комфортной игры.Объединяйтесь в кланы и боритесь за превосходство на острове!Особенности:-Зомби-До ... 0 0
Rusty Badlands Rusty Badlands currently has a PvP server and a PvE server.   PvP Server Details Our PvP server is a modded x2 with Bi-Weekly Wipes and no Blueprints. We have active admins that do not play on the server. Features: ○ Cars(lockable) ○ A ... 0 0
Nikitoska0032's server My server 0 0
Qeekly Complex Знаменитый своим отношением к делу Qeekly Complex возвращается на просторы сети Интернет и теперь я уверен надолго! 0 0
EUK Servers Welcome to EnergeeUK Servers [EUK]We have 6 Rust Servers2 Ark Survival Evolved PVE Server1 Conan Exiles PVE Server We have a mix of rust servers from roleplay to pve to pvp servers all modded[EUK]PureSurvival x3 PVP[EUK[RustyLake x10 Solo/Duo/Trio P ... 6 7 - Awesome Rust Servers! DUTCH/EUROPEAN RUST SERVERS AWESOME RUST SERVERS HOSTED WITH <3 0 0
SPQR ROME 10X RUST SERVER ☠️ CHOOSE A PREMIUM RUST EXPERIENCE! ☠️ Now hosted on dedicated machine for great performance! Look no further, THIS IS THE ONE! Balanced gather rates and QoL mods:   WIPE SCHEDULE: Weekly Thursday map wipes & bi-weekly BP wi ... 0 0
Rusty Dallas Established June 2015 and been going strong since. One of the top rust servers to play on. Our main server is heavily customized with over 80 plugins. 3 0
Secret Paradise We want to give you a server that doesn't wiped after 3-4 days! Our servers wiped after 7 days! So you have enough time to annoy the big clans ;-)   ▰▰ Major Mods ▰▰ Modded Rates ▰▰ ★Map size 3500 ★Gather rate 5x ★Half Upkee ... 0 0
Rusticaland Rusticaland's servers! 1 65
EU/NA Community Community servers run by GSkin and Akala. 0 0
RustSurvivors Dear Community We are a small "Network" and we´re looking forword to grow up! 0 0
Vanguard Rust We are a group of dedicated people trying to make a community for both new and advanced Rust-players. Mainly focusing on delivering clean layout servers for the players. Currently having 1 server with 200 player limit. Vanguard 2x Vanilla Main. ... 0 0
Rust Rehab 100% Vanilla (No Mods) 4K Map Active Admins who show no favoritism toward any players or groups. Zero Admin Abuse! Monthly Server & Blueprint Wipes Noob Friendly 6 Player group maximum Community Discord New Dedicated Fast Server 200 Player C ... 0 0
Apex Rust Growing server come along 0 0
Norske Vikinger A growing community with the aim to bring something unique to the table. You'll find mostly Scandinavians here, but everyone is welcome. 0 0
Rustafied I started our first server the week experimental server code was released to the public. I wanted a place where people could reliably play this game as it is being developed and see the new shit as soon as it was released. was created t ... 1 18
Facepunch This is an official servers owned and operated by Facepunch. People are free to speak whatever language they like. Don't be surprised if you get banned for being abusive 13 473