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About Project

Welcome to EnergeeUK Servers [EUK]

We have
6 Rust Servers
2 Ark Survival Evolved PVE Server
1 Conan Exiles PVE Server

We have a mix of rust servers from roleplay to pve to pvp servers all modded

[EUK]PureSurvival x3 PVP
[EUK[RustyLake x10 Solo/Duo/Trio PVP
[EUK]RustyBucket PVE
[EUK]RustyBucket x2  Solo/Duo/Trio PVP
[EUK]DomeNations RolePlay
[EUK]PureBuild Creative Fly/God/F1 Items

Ark Survival Evolved
[EUK]PureSurvival PVE (Valgareo Map)
[EUK]PureSurvival PVE (Extinction Map)

Conan Exiles
[EUK]PureSurvival PVE


Just Enjoy yourselves

On the rust servers check out /info for more specific rules

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