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SPQR Rome 10X! TP|InstaCraft|BetterLoot/Scrap|Most QoL Mods|ActiveAdmin
Welcome to SPQR ROME 10X!!! This a chill PvP server with most QoL mods: nTeleport/Homes, RewardStore, QuickSorter! Kits, DeathNotes, BodyFinder, Backpacks, QuickSmelt, InstantCraft, /bgrade & /up, Cars/Personal MiniCopter, Clans, AutoAuth, ArenaZone, HitMarker, FastScrap/BetterLoot, Skinbox, Dangerous Treasures, AutoDoors, FurnaceSplitter,  Remover Tool, HandyMan, Leaderboards with ChatTitles, PrivateMessaging, Sign Artist, Trade, Mail, UnburnableMeat! Laptop Crate Hack, HeliVote, VoteDay, and MORE!!
Gather rates are 10x, frag smelt is 4x, sulfur smelt is 2x. Greatly improved barrel/crate loot. Finely tuned bots. RaidBlock engages at 75% prefab HP for 7 minutes. Performance tweaks.
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Welcome to SPQR ROME 10X and Welcome to Rust! As we all know, Rust is a PvP survival base-building game that revolves around resource gathering, making bases, and raiding other people to take their stuff

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us flag SPQR Rome 5X! TP|Best QoL Mods|BetterLoot/Scrap|InstaCraft Procedural 1 / 200 33 days