Project - Secret Paradise

About Project

We want to give you a server that doesn't wiped after 3-4 days! Our servers wiped after 7 days! So you have enough time to annoy the big clans ;-)


▰▰ Major Mods ▰▰ Modded Rates ▰▰

★Map size 3500 ★Gather rate 5x ★Half Upkeep 

★Clans ★Clan Sharing ★TP ★Homes ★Trade ★Kits 
★Signs ★Loot+ ★BP+ ★Insta Craft ★Skinbox ★Quick Smelt 
★Sentry Turrets ★Cars ★BGrade ★FurnaceSorter 
★AutoCodeLock ★MiniCopter ★PlayerRanks ★SlidingDoors 
★TrophySigns ★TownTeleport ★Rainbownames


- No toxic or racist behavior
- No cheats or exploits
- Max 3 or 6 in a team
- Alliances are not allowed
- No complaints about getting raided or griefed
- No spamming in chat
- English only in chat
- Don't link inapp

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