Devblog 4 [0.1.6]

New functions and changes that have occurred in the project since the last blog post.

Steam authorization

Now to add a server you must first log in via Steam account. This is needed in order to provide access to editing the server details in the future.

After authorization you will create profile page (example).

New user page
New user page

Server page changes

The structure of the server page has been changed. Voting, Banners, API was moved to separate page to speed up page loading.

Now to add comment, you need to log in with your Steam account.

Dashboard Page

Dashboard page also have many changes. Global Players Graph was replaced with Location Pie Chart.

New search widgets was added.

New Dashboard page
New Dashboard page

New pages

New pages – Staging Servers and Rust Players.


Rating algorithm was changed few times since version 0.1.4. User votes influence nerfed and average number of players has a greater impact on final server rating.

Other changes:

  • Servers location on World Map and Server location widget.
  • All servers list now display server location flag.
  • Page Views Counter.
  • Removed all data collected from SteamSpy, read more.
  • Official servers approved by the Facepunch now will be marked like this:
Approved server
Approved server

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