Devblog 3.1 [0.1.3]

Much time has passed since the publication of the latest blog post. I was busy with important IRL things. However, the project development does not stopped, the whole time. In this publication I will describe new things and features added to RSI.

New page – Project info

RSI now have new page for communty projects that have more than one Rust server. In addition to the list of servers on this page, there is information on the project team, quick links, description as well as the overall statistics of all servers. If you want to create similar page for your project, please contact me.

New page – Project info

Telegram Bot

To quickly obtain information about your server, you can now use the Telegram Bot, which can show a brief summary of any server, date of the last Rust update, and the global Rust statistics.

Last Wipe Date

For many players importantly know when the server was made a wipe, but using the information that provides Rust and Steam at this point we can not realize the exact date of the wipe. Since this is trivial deleting map files in the game directory.

On each server page, now there is a new line displaying approximately the last date of a wipe that takes the least value of objects(entities) on the map, and the date when that value was recorded, of course, this method is not the most accurate, i’m working on it, and if you have some ideas how to improve this, please contact me.

Reworked API – v2.0

Rust-Servers.Info API was reworked and updated with new features! API accepts requests in GET string and returns data in JSON arrays. If you want to use this API firstly you need add your server to monitoring and get unique ServerID!

For more information about our Rust Servers API please visit this page.

Minor changes

  • New server userbars
  • Database cleaning, Minor tweaks and Optimizations
  • Rust updates tracking is now automated
  • Twitter and Telegram notifications of updates, and some RSI actions

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