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This post is all about bots! Hate ’em All! Since the days of Team Fortress 2, in TF2 case you can play with bots, kill them and have some kind of fun. But in the Rust there is no ‘playable’ bots, and as a result owners of servers simply fooling potential players luring them with fake large number of players online.

Bots and RSI

Fake number of online players directly affect the rating value, eventually making sorting by rating senseless. At this stage i added new data fields to server page:

  • Bots

Bots field showing number of bots on server. But be aware that Bots value is not always accurate.

  • Tags

In tags field you can see this: mp250,cp54. For example mp250 = Max Players = 250, cp54 = Current Players = 54.


Now If you believe that the server has an abusive name or description, or use bots. You can report it.

Server Page Management

Currently I am working on the ability to change the server information manually, after you add it. This will be implemented via a unique ID that is sent to administrator’s mailbox when a server is added.

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