Devblog 1 [0.1.0]

Hello there guys, i want to share with you some info about current developement process and future plans for Rust-Servers.Info. And i will did it in official Rust blog manner – devblogs for each* update.

Update 0.1.0 – Whats new?

Adding Servers to Monitoring

Now any of you can add server to our list. To do this you need to provide correct IP and Port (no hostnames atm) clean and fancy server name (without tags, rates, special symbols, wipe dates and other trash info) and maximum slots for your server. In addition you can select server wipe cycle, mode Vanilla/Modded and choose from list of plugins.

RSI — Adding Rust server

Server Page Links

Each server page moved from /server/IP-PORT.html to /server/id-ID.html. With this change you will be able save all server stats and graphs on current page even if you change your IP or Port.

Rating Calculation

Minor changes to formula for server’s rating calculation. Now average online has a higher impact on the rating. A server with a higher average number of online players, will have a higher rating.

Things To Do:
  • Server Info editing
  • Custom Server Description
  • New API features and functions

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