Devblog 3.1 [0.1.3]

Much time has passed since the publication of the latest blog post. I was busy with important IRL things. However, the project development does not stopped, the whole time. In this publication I will describe new things and features added to RSI.

Devblog 2 [0.1.1]

This post is all about bots! Hate ’em All! Since the days of Team Fortress 2, in TF2 case you can play with bots, kill them and have some kind of fun. But in the Rust there is no ‘playable’ bots, and as a result owners of servers simply fooling potential players luring them with fake large number… Read more Devblog 2 [0.1.1]

Devblog 1 [0.1.0]

Hello there guys, i want to share with you some info about current developement process and future plans for Rust-Servers.Info. And i will did it in official Rust blog manner – devblogs for each* update.

Welcome to RSI blog, Newmans!

Welcome to the Rust-Servers.Info blog. Here i will publish information about RSI developement process, new site features, tips for using our API, how-to’s and helpfull info for server owners.