Add New Server

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Rules & Info

  • Fancy Hostname must be without tags, rates, special symbols, wipe dates and other trash info.
  • IPv4 address or domain name (No IPv6).
  • Your server must accept TCP/UDP connections on server port that you provide (by default Rust use 28015)and server port +1(for example 28015 and 28016).
  • Specify the maximum number of slots/players on your server.
  • Select how often you perform wipes on server.
  • You can select which mode your server is running Vanilla/Modded. For Modded option you can additionally specify what plugins are installed on your server.
  • Extended information about your server (Location, Website, etc.) will be received after being queried by our monitoring.
  • By adding a server you agree that our website (Rust-Servers.Info) will receive and store the data of your Rust server, as well as use it to calculate global statistics and displaying the results on an open basis.