- How It Works

About Rust-Servers.Info

Rust-Servers.Info (RSI) is stats service based on PHP Source Query by xPaw. RSI automatically gather data from our servers pool and store it for easy comparsion between servers.

RSI is designed to be helpful tool for server owners and Rust players. For site news and updates you can follow RSI on Twitter: @RustServersInfo

How It Works & Data Accuracy

Every 5 minutes RSI gather data from all servers in our pool, and store it in our DB. Between this checks data may change.

Total Players Online, Entities and Memory Usage data is calculated from all servers in our pool, and refresh every 5 minutes.

Geographical Data

This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from

Rust-Servers.Info API

We provide simple API for each server in our pool. You can use this data on your own manner. Data refreshed every 5 minutes.

Learn more about our API here.

How to create Project page for my servers?

Personalized project pages are added manually by me. If you need to create new page for your project, please contact me.

Project pages available for Medium tier patron or higer. More info on Patreon.

At this point rating calculation algorythm is still in testing. I'm working on it's improving, so it can be changed anytime to improve accuracy.

((VOTES / 1.5) + UPTC + AVG) / BOT

  • VOTES (Total votes for last 30 days)
  • UPT (Rating based on server uptime) Recalculated every 5 minutes, if server is UP it will gain +1 pts, if DOWN will lose -2 pts.
  • UPTC = UPT * 0.01 / 2 (Uptime coefficient)
  • AVG (Average players online in last 12 hours)
  • BOT (If server use bots this value = 4, if dont = 1)

At first sight this formula seems to be too complicated, but it considers most important factors of a good server, such as the average number of online players and server uptime.

Higher uptime and average online players = higher rating. There are no paid services to increase rating!

UPT Rating is reset on a monthly basis!

Latest change: 12/04/2018

PAVG value was removed. Now the average number of players has a greater impact on the final rating.
  • Fancy Hostname must be without tags, rates, special symbols, wipe dates and other trash info. We dont need this in page title, your server's full hostname will be displayed in special section, so please input short and fancy hostname.
  • Your server must be online to be added and you need to provide a valid IPv4 address (No hostname or IPv6).
  • Your server must accept TCP/UDP connections on server port that you provide (by default Rust use 28015) and server port +1. In some cases (Firewall, Anti DDoS) you must add our IP to whitelist:
  • We do not like servers that increase the number of online players by using bots, mods, etc. If your server uses a such tools, be prepared for the fact that he falls into the black list.

No Data! Error

If you see No Data! error on server page this may have several causes. Most often this error appears when your firewall block our IP. To fix this you need to add our IP to whitelist:

Then you can check whether we get your server's data here by specifying IP-Address and port of your server.

Please note! Rust-Servers.Info is currently in beta, so expect some bugs. I have my own developing plan, with few major items. But if you have some ideas or suggestions, please contact me.