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[RU] Facepunch 1 avatar [RU] Facepunch 1 #163 令T1KMEN · 17 hours ago
When you turn on server?
Rapier Isle x5 (PVP/KIT/Loot+/Shop/Ranks) avatar Rapier Isle x5 (PVP/KIT/Loot+/Shop/Ranks) #162 littlebitbrain · 1 day ago
Awesome server. Must try.
[CAN] Facepunch 1 avatar [CAN] Facepunch 1 #161 Graigori · 3 days ago
Did you actually ask the game developer, on a page that's in no way affiliated with them, to release an update that they push out at roughly the same time for the last three years, to better meet your individual schedule?
[CAN] Facepunch 1 avatar [CAN] Facepunch 1 #160 Gamerbeast69 · 4 days ago
The wipe that is happening tomorrow. Could the wipe be earlyer than 5pm like in the am because I took off work and just found out that it is around 5:)
Теперь полная классика, только хардкор!!!
[RU] Facepunch 3 avatar [RU] Facepunch 3 #158 Danko · 1 week ago
thanks to administrators Facepunch.. day server is not available
[RU] Facepunch 3 avatar [RU] Facepunch 3 #157 kludka · 1 week ago
Why is this server offline again , 2nd evening in the row?
[RU] Facepunch 3 avatar [RU] Facepunch 3 #156 Naked crab · 1 week ago
Что с сервером?
[RU] Facepunch 3 avatar [RU] Facepunch 3 #155 D@WID · 1 week ago
server offline
Admin incompétent aucune diplomatie vous vous faites ban pour aucune raison , je déconseille fortement aucune aide possible entre les joueurs , un conseil passé votre chemin

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